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5 Reasons Why You Need a Tradie Website

by Apr 12, 2021Help & Advice

The internet or “Google” is everything in these modern times we all live in. If you were to ask me a few years ago if I really needed a website, I might have said “only if you can afford it, get listed in the yellow pages or newspaper first,” now it is different.

As humans we have become conditioned to jump online and check out a business before we pick up the phone, even if the business has been recommended to us. Why? Because we want to see if that business has some credibility first. But that is only one reason you need a website here are 5 other reasons why  you need a Tradie Website.

1. Visibility

A whole new generation has now grown up with the internet, even other Adults rarely if ever look through local newspapers and other traditional marketing channels to find local service they need. Why bother when we can all just jump online via our phones, or laptop and find exactly what we need in seconds. If you are not there in some form, then you are missing out on a huge number of leads for your business.


Why I need a website
Why Tradies need a website

2. Your 24/7 Salesteam

Set up correctly with great sales copy, recommendations, and a strong call to action your website can act like a salesperson who works 24/7 for you and does not ask for pay, sick pay or time off! No matter what time of day or night if someone in your area is searching for your services you shop remains open and ready to be found 364 days a year 24/7.


3. Saves You Time & Money

Finding new customers is time consuming, expensive, and not always successful. In comparison, a well-designed and maintained website is the most effective and affordable way for you to advertise your services. It can and should be the best investment you make for your business growth.


Why Tradies Need a website
Building Tradies websites

4. Helps You Build Your Brand

Your Tradie Website can and should become the foundation for building your brand. It can act as a platform for all your recommendations, past work examples and services in a way your social media channel cannot. Your website can also grow as your business grows with new pages for your services and products. As mentioned at the start “Credibility” is everything.


5. Websites Are Not Expensive

A few years ago, websites were an expensive investment, each of them being designed form scratch taking time and money to complete, not to mention the cost of maintenance and hosting. Today, the story is quite different (at least it should be).


Why tradies need websites

Top Tradie Websites Winning Formula

At Top Tradie Websites we have a formula and a layout we can customise to your business that works! When we work with you, we ask you a list of simple questions such as “why do you do what you do” and “what is your perfect customer” we than convert this into effective website converting copy, and then build a website customised to your business. We take care of the most important factors which include Mobile Optimisation, Speed, Security and Calls to Action.

The investment is not a huge upfront sum, we provide you with your Tradie Website and everything you need.