“Hi, I’m Adam Petford, and I am personally accountable for overseeing the performance of all Websites” .

” I bring to my work over a decade of digital marketing experience, as well as a very real understanding of tradies and what it’s like to run a small business – in fact, my whole family are tradies, so you could say it’s in the blood!”

I know as a tradie you just want to run your business on your own terms, and do the best job you can for your customers, build your reputation and have a great life.

You DON’T want to spend your time thinking about marketing. That’s why when you invest with Top Tradie Websites you invest in a business that becomes fully accountable for the performance of your tradie website – with no excuses!

My biggest frustration I came across when I’ve talked with Tradies was always something along these lines: .

I moved to Australia from the UK in 2016, and I love living in the Lucky Country. I spent my first four years Down Under working for a major digital marketing company in Brisbane, and it was an awesome job – I love helping local businesses! But one thing I didn’t like is letting people down, so now that I run my own business, I make sure that doesn’t happen.

The company was good, but what bothered me was ‘accountability’ and that’s still the biggest problem that businesses face dealing with Digital Marketing in general. “Google Ads aren’t working? It’s because of [your website (that we didn’t build) or your sales copy… or something else]”. Sound painfully familiar? That’s because there’s almost always an “out”: a critical area that’s outside of an agency’s control or skillset. But those reasons don’t help YOU, right? And around and around you go.

“My website doesn’t get me much business;

I don’t know why?”

Often said with frustration! And then followed by any of the following:

“I tried Google Ads but it just didn’t work for me”
“I don’t actually know who my web guy is”
“I paid some company thousands of dollars and they created the site but now I don’t hear from them and no one’s actually visiting it”
“I wasted a LOAD of money on SEO over the years… with no results”
“I want things to change… but I don’t know how to make it happen”

Adam Petford serious face

And fundamentally, the problem is….


People tend to be really good at one or two things, and even in agencies, they often don’t talk to each other much or work together effectively. A lot of people can build a decent-looking website, but they rarely consider anything else. They know fancy stuff like HTML/CSS, but not how to make your website rank. So once the website is complete, it’s on to the next website job: they don’t know if your website is ranking or performing, and it’s not their job to know.

On the other hand, plenty of people can get your website ranking on Google, but they won’t know if your visitors are converting into customers. They’re not accountable for the performance on your website, because they didn’t build it – and the people who did have been paid and are long gone.

The list goes on, and the frustration never seems to end. Web developers lack SEO skills and can’t write good content, SEO specialists and content writers don’t get how a website should work… and all you want is a website that works, and gets visitors that turn into customers so you can get back to doing your job headache-free.

“Building your website is just the start of your digital marketing, not the end.”

A website might look good to the eye, but it likely won’t deliver results if:

It’s not mobile friendly

The sales copy is painful to read

Not kept up to date

Not indexed properly

Slow to load

Not built with ranking in mind from the start!

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Anthony Ambrosini


"Found Adam to be easy to work with, the process was easy and fast and we are absolutely happy with the final result! This is great value for money. Would 100% recommend to other tradies for a fast and clean website."

Dale Buse

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"Thanks Team. The new website is great!! The process was fast, easy & great value for money. Great communication throughout and they came up with heaps of good ideas to maximise my online presence. I recommend Top Tradie Websites for any Tradie looking for an efficient, professional website."

At Top Tradie Websites we do things differently.

We don’t just build websites (that’s the easy part)! We offer you full accountability for your website performance. When we build your website, we’re already considering the following key performance factors as we go.

Site speed

Local Google Indexing

Clear, well-worded calls to action

Engaging content

Mobile friendly

User experience

If a website we build you is not delivering, it’s our fault – no one else’s! We won’t blame the wording, the design, etc. We can do it all, and we don’t take an “out” – like you, we just get the job done, and get it done right.

Want to know more? Let’s talk about how Top Tradies Websites can get digital marketing working for your tradie business.

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